Woodlawn Foundation

“Giving helps the giver as much as those to whom the gift goes. It broadens the vision, and enlarges life. It cultivates love, sympathy and kindness. It develops nobility of character and generosity of conduct.”

– Unknown

The Woodlawn Foundation is organized to support and benefit the mission of Woodlawn Hospital. The Foundation assists the hospital with the additional funds necessary for:

*capital improvements, hospital renovations and new equipment,
*educational programs, and
*ongoing wellness and community service programs.

Woodlawn Hospital is a non-profit organization. The hospital is a county-owned facility; however, it receives no county tax money for its day-to-day operation. Our growth depends upon our wise use of operating funds and the generous support of our community.

While any contribution carries its own rewards and personal satisfactions, the Woodlawn Foundation publicly recognizes all contributions in two ways. First, contributions are recognized as they were given, placed on the appropriate plaque in the hospital corridor, and listed in our community newsletter. Second, gifts are recognized on a cumulative basis. An ongoing record of all contributions is kept, which allows periodic recognition of the cumulative amount of contributions. For more information on the Woodlawn Foundation, please call the Director of Community Relations and Foundation at (574) 224-1179 or send an email.

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